‘Truth be told (Just be careful who you offend)’ – limited edition art print (framed)


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‘Truth be told (Just be careful who you offend)’
©️ Frances Belle Parker, 2022
Digital Giclee print on Hahnamule archival paper.
Image size: 23.7cm x 89cm

‘Truth be told (Just be careful who you offend)’ is a response to the ongoing censorship and silencing of First Nations voices. Trauma runs deep for so many of our mob and we need to deal with this through all available means.

In late 2020 I was approached by the NSW Australia Day Council to create an artwork to be screened on the Sydney Opera House. Although hesitant to be involved in a day that commemorates a time that caused so much hurt, I accepted in the hope I could use my work to educate. I designed a work with stark imagery and symbols depicting pain, loss and the blood shed. This work was rejected because the Council ‘..could not be seen to offend the right wing..’ population.

I won’t be censored, my people will not be censored. Let’s talk about the pain of invasion, the massacres, the abuse. To heal, we need to be able to share our history honestly!

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