Australian Birds – Limited edition prints


©️ Frances Belle Parker, 2022

These stunning Australian bird designs by Frances Belle Parker are limited edition Giclee prints on archival paper.
Which bird is your favourite? Is it Wurrun.gil (magpie), Aangan (black cockatoo), or Guugaga (kookaburra)? Or perhaps you can’t decide and need all three to complete the set! All prints come unframed.

The background patterns and colours represent the journeys and pathways that these birds, and, we as people take. Stars, communities, families and connections are all represented. Colours are inspired by the most striking of colours that we are lucky to occasionally witness within nature.

Choose your bird, choose your size:

  • Wurrun.gil (magpie) – A3 or A4
  • Aangan (black cockatoo) – A3 or A4
  • Guugaga (kookaburra) – A3 or A4

All prints are part of a very limited series of 30, and come signed and numbered by Frances. Each print has a border of 2.5cm for easy framing.