Title: Yulwaarri Balaawarr (Two Brolgas)
Artist: Frances Belle Parker (Yaegl)
Date: 2022
Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Size: 90cm (h) x 60cm (w)

Yulwaarri Balaawarr (pronounced Yul-wah-di Ba-lah-wud) are the Yaegl words for two brolgas.

Two brolgas pose gracefully in the water. A mapping of Biirrinba (Clarence River) overlay the image, the mapping features an aerial view of The Broadwater and the surrounding land and islands. Underlying imagery is featured on the hills which is a way of depicting the history and stories of the Yaegl people that is embedded into the landscape.

A pastel sunset is radiates from behind the hills, there is something special about Biirrinba, from the ever changing colours of the sunsets to the way the water shimmers like thousands of twisting coins as the sun beams down on certain angles. But above all, it is the history of our Yaegl people and the stories contained within the banks of Biirrinba that continue to maintain that sense of strength to all people who call it home. I see the river as a life giving vein that pumps through our body enabling us to be. I paint what I am most familiar with, my river, my Biirrinba.