Title The Strength from Within
Client Gender and Disaster Australia.

©️Frances Belle Parker (Yaegl)
Medium Acrylic on Linen
Dimensions 102cm x 77cm

This work, titled ‘The Strength from Within’ explores the complex relationship between gender and disaster, drawing upon experiences, cultural heritage, and the work undertaken by Gender and Disaster Australia.

Within this work there are layers upon layers that symbolise the trauma experienced by individuals and communities impacted by disasters that can build up and be passed down through generations.

Colours reflective of various types of disasters such as blue for floods, red for fire, blood, violence, I have attempted to demonstrate the far-reaching effects of these events or disasters.

Central to my piece are figures that are connected, gaining strength to heal. These figures reveal the raw linen beneath the paint, representing the vulnerability that is so often present in times of disaster.

In the sky, stars represent lifting the veil and bringing a sense of hope and light to the piece. As the weight is lifted off the shoulders, lines of strength emerge, representing the idea that we are stronger together.

The white linear marks represent the journeys travelled by individuals impacted by disasters, while the blue dashes flow, symbolising the ever-present impact of water and its role in many disasters.

Water can also serve as a cleanser to wash away pain, heartbreak and tears.

Finally, crosses are present in remembrance of those who have come before, acknowledging the impact that gender has had on disaster response and recovery.

Through my work, I hope to inspire meaningful conversations and positive change within the broader community.