Title Sea of Hands

Project Sea of Hands – The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Artist Frances Belle Parker (Yaegl)
Year 2022

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is partnering with ANTaR, the national organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation and rights, to bring its interactive symbol of reconciliation, the Sea of Hands, to Rathborne Lodge.

The Garden’s Sea of Hands exhibition is designed by award-winning artist Frances Belle Parker, a proud Yaegl woman. The design is planned to be a fully immersive audio-visual experience and centres around the cultural practice of land burning.

The Sea of Hands installation calls on patrons to not only see the artwork unfold but become a part of its creation. The exhibition calls on thousands to venture to the gardens and plant hands into the lawn of Rathborne Lodge. The design will involve 10,000 hands in the colours of charred and burnt banksia pods.