Title: ‘Nyaagiya Ngalburr’ (Finding Peace)
Maclean District Hospital 
Artist: Frances Belle Parker (Yaegl)
Date: 2020
Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Dimensions: 60cm x 90cm

‘Nyaagiya Ngalburr’ (Finding Peace) is a painting which speaks about seeking and finding that inner peace within each of us.

The night sky is depicted to represent the thousands of years Aboriginal people across the country could navigate their Song-lines within the landscape by the night sky, when following their Song-lines they were able to find the comfort which came from their inner peace.

The painting depicts the Milky Way shining bright at night with the circles in the sky representing our Ancestors which help us by guiding the way and keeping us safe through our travels and adventures.

The lines beneath are a symbol of all the tracks we have followed continuously through generation to generation, whilst the oval shapes represent the many communities which we as Aboriginal people have travelled and continued to have links to.