Title: ‘Ngalburr Ngarrayaw’ (At Peace in The Dreaming)
Client: Maclean District Hospital 
Artist: Frances Belle Parker (Yaegl)
Date: 2020
Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Dimensions: 60cm x 90cm

‘Ngalburr Ngarrayaw’ (At Peace in the Dreaming) is a contemplative theme as we seek that inner peace. The Dreaming is something integral to Aboriginal People and our beliefs.

The night sky is depicted to represent the thousands of years Aboriginal people across the country could navigate their Song-lines within the landscape by the night sky, when following their Song-lines they were able to find the comfort which came from their inner peace. The green and blue radiating within the sky is reflective of the healing and spirit energies of our ancestors.

The linear patterns beneath are a symbol of all the tracks we have followed continuously through generation to generation, whilst the circular shapes represent the many communities which we as Aboriginal people have travelled and continued to have links to.