Title: Dugulaarra (Together) Yaygirr Language
NSW Barristers Trust
Artist: Frances Belle Parker (Yaegl)
Date: 2021

The artwork ‘Dugulaarra’ means ‘together’ in Yaygirr language.

Across the work, stretching from side to side are many different symbols and shapes that tell a greater story. They flow across the work like a river, or an undulating landscape encapsulating elements of great importance to all Aboriginal people. It is our land, it is our river systems that unite us, gives us strength and pushes us forward. These are our bloodlines that connect us to country and tell our stories.  

A row of black figures feature in the centre of the work, stretching across from side to side. These figures represent all indigenous barristers, depicted walking the same path and all linked together. There is a strong bond between these people connected to their country, forging new paths alongside each other. They are the most distinct component of the work to signify strength, support and unity. 

The stars at the top of the work signify a bright future for this team of indigenous barristers and for all who work with them. There is a clear sense of hope and direction and a focus on the future.  

Below the stars is a band of blue oval shapes. These shapes represent the communities they have come from and the communities they will reach through their work in the future. 

Between the figures and the stars, and on either side of the blue oval symbols are bands containing orange and black, and yellow and black markings. This is a depiction of journey. Journey for communities, journey for the legal teams, and journey for the individuals. There is a real sense of movement within these shapes, these represent the moving forward of our people.

The bright colours and patterns at the base of the work, upon which the figures are grounded represent the diversity of the communities and the lands of which the legal teams work with. Being below the figures, the patterns also symbolise obstacles and barriers that they have overcome to get where they are today.