Yaegl woman Artist

Frances Belle Parker

Frances Belle Parker is a proud Yaegl woman, mother and artist from Maclean in Northern New South Wales.

She is deeply inspired by her Mother’s land (Yaegl land) and the Island in the Clarence River that her Mother grew up on, Ulgundahi Island.

Frances has been a practising artist for the last 22 years coming to prominence after winning the Blake Prize in 2000 making her the youngest ever winner and the first Indigenous recipient in the prize’s history.

Since then she has exhibited nationally and internationally, undertaken art residencies in China and Andorra and worked on several Public Art Projects, including the Northern Beaches Coastal Walk and the Pacific Highway Aboriginal Art Trail.

In 2021 Frances designed and screened her digital work ‘Angwirri’ on the sails of the Sydney Opera House on 26 January 2021.

‘I am inspired by the Yaegl Landscape and those stories which were shared with me and passed down from our old people, it is my responsibility to document these stories and to map our landscape, in doing so I am making a valuable resource for my children and all of the younger Yaegl mob.’

Frances has completed a BFA through UNSW, and a BVA (Honours) and a Masters of Indigenous Studies (Wellbeing) both through Southern Cross University.

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